Polychroma Polish

Polish & Care Guide

It can be really hard to know where to start when delving into the world of nail care! 

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the different types of polishes, the manicure process and some nail care tips! 

Plus you can download our brochure here to find out more about Polychroma

The Polish Process

Step 1 - The Base

Nail polishes last up to three times longer when used with the Nourish Me base coat and it helps even out those pesky nail ridges giving you a flawless manicure!

Our Nourish Me Base Coat is packed full of vitamins and has that power grip everyone wishes for in a base coat polish!

All those amazing nourishing hydrating vitamins help improve your nails condition; including improving nail hydration.

Step 2 - The Polish

Check out the different types of polishes below and then pick the finish you'd like for your manicure this time. 

All Polychroma Polish is vegan, cruelty-free, 10 toxin free and EU approved so you can be sure of an ethical manicure. 

In our swatches, we use 2 coats for the best opacity, so get painting! Look out for the steel balls in our bottles of polish, these help the polish mix and ensure even coverage! 

Step 3 - The Top Coat

The final touch to your manicure is a top coat. Top coats add a strong layer and can alter the finish of your polish if you want. 

At Polychroma we have a Mattify (shown above) and a Glassify top coat. Both touch dry in 30 seconds and fully dry in 2 minutes. 

Fast drying, non-yellowing and non-shrinking, a must for every manicure. 

Bring protection and enhancement to your polishes

Manicure Tips

  • Take care of those cuticles

    Trim and oil your cuticles to hydrate them and keep them looking their best

  • Round them off

    If you find your nails breaking often, round them off rather than cutting straight across. This helps strengthen them and cuts down on breakages.

  • Sterilise your tools

    When you're undergoing your manicure and using cuticle cutters, nail clippers and more; make sure you keep them clean to avoid infection!

  • Get them checked

    If you notice nail splitting, spoon shaped nails, grooves, red and swollen skin or anything abnormal for you, get it checked. It could be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

  • Load up on keratin

    Keratin is the protein that makes your nails and hair strong and is found in biotin, vitamin E and other sourcers, so load up on it for the best nail.

Different Types of Polishes


A traditional glossy, highly pigmented polish


Gorgeously glossy polish with a sparkle


Vibrant jelly polish packed with flakies! 


3D style polish for flair

Multi Chromatic

Two-tone polish for that added drama


Polish packed with sparkles and glitter