Elf-made Christmas Collection

The Elf-made Christmas Collection 2022

Our 2022 Christmas collection is here! These festive polishes have touches of glitz, glitter and shimmer to enchant your Christmas season!

Elf green chromatic polish with blue and green sparkle glitters

Buddy Picklepants

Buddy Picklepants is usually in charge of looking after all the Christmas Trees, ensuring they're all tip top and sparkly! He's quite partial to a candy cane so watch out...they might get replaced by pickles!

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A metallic red with light bronze shimmer

Poppy Tinseltoes

Poppy has the important job of making sure Santa's boots are buffed and polished so they are in tip top condition for Christmas. She thinks it’s funny to tie his shoelaces together to get back at him for his smelly feet...and she catches him out every time.

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An ultramarine blue with silver magnetic pigment

Frosty Icebottom!

Frosty and his team have one of the biggest jobs for the festive period...snipping and creating all those snowflakes for our fun flurries! Frosty thinks its a right giggle to throw some yellow flakes in there too sometimes...yeah you thought it was the pooches didn't you?

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Metallic gold with fuchsia, orange and purple flakies with a dash of holo

Stanley McSparkleflakes

Stanley has a very sweet tooth, his festive duty is to make sure all those chocolate coins are the sweetest, tastiest chocolate coins you can eat. He likes to hoard a stash for himself to eat on Christmas eve.

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Nude with a gentle red shimmer along with orange, fuchsia and purple flakies

Cookie O'Nibblerson

Of course Cookie has the responsibility for feeding all the busy festive crew with her fabulous cranberry cinnamon Christmas cookies. Sometimes Santa eats far too many though so shes secretly hiding sprouts in his batch to give him one of his 5 a day

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Glossy navy holo

Twinkle Sleighinski

Twinkle is chief mechanic at the North Pole workshop and specialises in Sleigh mechanics.
He is very patient with Santa as he's always getting cookie crumbs in the navigator. Santa always complains that there's a funny smell on the sleigh - Twinkle blames it on the fresh paint but really he's been secretly feeding the reindeer sprouts to help with the aerodynamics

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Metallic silver holo with gold flakies

Barry Von Jingles

Barry is the party elf of the festive clan. Hes the elf who puts that festive magic in all those Christmas Jingles that give you those festive fuzzies. Thats right, its Barry...not Bublé! Just keep those ears peeled or should that be closed... because hes very keen on a bit of Wham!! (If you know, you know) 

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